Tomato based Products

Our natural and genuine tomato based products are the result of the constant connection of advanced production technologies and the care and attention we put in our productions.

Rodolfi Mansueto S.p.A., with over 110 years of experience, is one of the oldest Italian industries producing chopped and crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, sauces, passata and tomato powder out of red, fresh, sound and natural tomatoes.

The bright red tomato paste, the passata, the fine crushed and chopped tomatoes, the light seasoning and delicious sauces are our specialities since 1896. The unique taste which conquers and distinguishes us from our competitors is one of the typical attributes of our products.



Ortolina brand

The brand name Ortolina derives from the first ready sauce in tubes, which is present not only in Italian kitchens, but also abroad since 1936. Only the best Italian tomatoes, selected and picked up at the right point of maturation, transformed under the highest qualitative standards...

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Alpino brand

The best Italian tomatoes, picked up at the right point of ripening, selected and processed by the end of the day, are the base of the Alpino brand. The products of the brand Alpino vary from our chopped tomatoes excellent for the kitchen of main courses, our finely chopped tomatoes perfect for pizza...

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Ardita brand

Since 1911 our Ardita brand stands for red, sound and natural tomatoes. The tomatoes picked up at the right point of ripening, are transformed at the maximum of the hygienic and qualitative standards. Thanks to our over 100 years long experience and uninterrupted research, we own cutting-edge...

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